The tongue cleaner ist


and is indestructible if used proberly.


Proven Linguafresh tongue cleaner now with a new, ergonomic and non-slip grip.

The loop of the LinguafreshTrend is placed with light pressure on the back of the tongue and slowly pulled out to the front. The process is repeated until the pads are removed and no more pad accumulates in the sling.

Due to the optimal dimensioning of the handle, the LinguafreshTrend is well and safe in the hand. Gagging, such as occurs with other tongue cleansers, will not be triggered when used with LinguafreshTrend.


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LinguaFreshONE – can be used single handedly!


LinguaFreshONE was developed together with well-known specialists from the areas of periodontology and halitosis.


For whom is it especially suited?


Children, older people and persons with a physical limitation or disability benefit in particular from the single-handed application. Suitable for right and left-handed persons alike.


Use of LinguaFreshONE


Due to its own high weight - the tongue cleaner LinguaFreshONE is made out of solid stainless steel used in surgery – it suffices to simply lay the tongue cleaner on the outstretched tongue and to pull it forward, without having to exert pressure.


Solid stainless steel construction




Of course the flock is waterproof and soap-resistant; you can put the tongue cleaner in the dishwasher every week for cleaning without any problem.


Soft-touch is an ultra-fine flock material, which is used in the automobile industry amongst other things, and whose hygienic cleansing has proven unproblematic.


Each tongue cleaner is delivered in a small white transport pouch with a cord.



The tongue cleaner LinguaFreshSLIM consists of a bendable flat strip of hand-polished, burr-free stainless steel that is only 0.2 mm thick. It is 20 cm long and 8mm wide in the middle.


The high-quality stainless steel that has been finished in four complex production steps is processed in such a way that the tongue cleaner returns to its original straight form after each bending.


Due to its ultra-smooth refined surface, the instrument is easy to clean and resistant to chemical influences.


LinguaFreshSLIM is shipped in a protective transparent cover, which is especially practical for travelling.



LinguafreshONE war mehrfacher Vergleichssieger in den Jahren 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 und 2021 auf dem Bewertungsportal in der Kategorie Zungenreinger.

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