How to use the tongue cleaner LinguafeshTREND

The loop of the LinguafreshTrend is placed with light pressure on the back of the tongue and slowly pulled out to the front.

The process is repeated until the pads are removed and no more pad accumulates in the sling.

Due to the optimal dimensioning of the handle, the LinguafreshTrend is well and safe in the hand.

Gagging, such as occurs with other tongue cleansers, will not be triggered when used with LinguafreshTrend.

Ideally, the tongue cleaning is done regularly after brushing, but also in between as needed. Finally, the mouth should be rinsed once.


LinguafreshONE war mehrfacher Vergleichssieger in den Jahren 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 und 2021 auf dem Bewertungsportal in der Kategorie Zungenreinger.

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