The use of the tongue cleaner LinguaFreshSLIM


Cleaning the tongue is very simple. If you follow just a few steps, you will achieve the desired effect. Let our model Monique show you how to use it correctly.


1. You hold the tongue cleaner LinguaFreshSLIM on both ends with the thumb and forefinger of the left and right hand.

3. After stretching out the tongue vigorously, you set one of the longitudinal edges on the back of the tongue (dorsum) towards the outside, i.e. pulled towards the tip of the tongue.

2. Before inserting it into the mouth cavity, you bend it to form a slightly open "U".

4. The desquamated mucosal cells, bacteria and food remains that stick to the tongue cleaner are then rinsed off with water. This procedure can be repeated several times if necessary and only takes a few seconds.

The urge to gag as is the case with most tongue cleaners is not triggered when using


Tongue cleaning ideally takes place after brushing your teeth, but it can be done in between times as required.


Afterwards the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed.


Only use according to instructions, do not use after operations on the tongue or with tongue piercings. Misuse can be harmful to your health. Keep out of reach of children.



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