How to use the tongue cleaner LinguaFeshONE

Place the loop of LinguaFreshONE on the back of the tongue gently and slowly pull it forwards. This process is repeated until the film on the tongue has been removed and no more coatings collect in the loop.

LinguaFreshONE has a good grip and is comfortable to hold.


When using LinguaFreshONE, the urge to gag is not triggered as is often the case with other tongue cleaners.


Ideally, you should clean your tongue regularly after brushing your teeth but you can also do it in between times as required.


Afterwards, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly.



LinguafreshONE war mehrfacher Vergleichssieger in den Jahren 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 und 2021 auf dem Bewertungsportal in der Kategorie Zungenreinger.

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