Taboo subject bad breath

Certainly one of the most difficult topics in human relationships.


How do I tell my partner that he / she has bad breath?

It is best to be open and honest. But halitosis is curable. There is therefore no reason not to address the subject. With the Linguafresh Tongue Cleaner Partner Set you can familiarise your partner with the subject easily and without any embarrassment. In this way, you use the tongue cleaner and your partner does too.


What causes halitosis?

Halitosis results in most cases from a film on the tongue. Undigested leftover food collects at the back of the tongue and this creates an ideal nutrient medium for bacteria. These bacteria cause bad breath when they decompose.


What can I do to prevent halitosis effectively?

We recommend cleaning your tongue daily with the Linguafresh tongue cleaner. Already after a few days of using the tongue cleaner, bad breath is clearly reduced. If used regularly, bad breath will soon be a thing of the past.


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