Grandmother / grandfather “don’t smell good”

You belong to the group of proud grandparents that enjoy close contact to your grandchildren?


You are parents that wish for a close relationship between your children and their grandparents?


The little ones occasionally avoid their grandparents and whisper to you that “grandmother and grandfather have bad breath”? “


Children and fools tell the truth!” is an old and often true idiom, even though the message behind it is somewhat bitter. Halitosis in old age is caused by a number of factors. It is often linked to altered food intake and the lacking mechanical abrasion of the tongue as a result (e.g. tube feeding or a liquid diet).


Sensitive children often perceive bad breath as particularly unpleasant and therefore keep a safe distance to those around them.


This is not necessary.


LinguaFresh offers older people a completely new and simple method of countering bad breath. Apart from fighting bad breath, many other factors suggest it is important to clean the tongue especially in old age (amongst other things, better oral hygiene when using dental prostheses, bridges, etc.). As part of old age care, Linguafresh should be employed more often. In this context, the fact that Linguafresh can be cleaned in a steriliser is of great importance.


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