Tongue Cleaner LinguaFreshOne Pure-Stainless

Zungenreiniger LinguaFreshOne Pure Stainless

LinguaFreshONE – can be used single handedly!
LinguaFreshONE was developed together with well-known specialists from the areas of periodontology and halitosis.
For whom is it especially suited?
Children, older people and persons with a physical limitation or disability benefit in particular from the single-handed application. Suitable for right and left-handed persons alike.
Use of LinguaFreshONE
Due to its own high weight - the tongue cleaner LinguaFreshONE is made out of solid stainless steel used in surgery – it suffices to simply lay the tongue cleaner on the outstretched tongue and to pull it forward, without having to exert pressure.

Tongue Cleaner LinguaFreshOne Premium Gold




With a coating of 24 karat gold - unique worldwide!


LinguafreshONE war mehrfacher Vergleichssieger in den Jahren 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 und 2021 auf dem Bewertungsportal in der Kategorie Zungenreinger.

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