This is what our customers say about our tongue cleaner

Ina F. from Stuttgart

I have been using my new tongue cleaner for about a week now and I am very impressed. Previously, I used the one from One Drop Only with the additional brush and was sceptical in the beginning as to whether the brush wasn't ‘missing’ something. But the tongue cleaner by LinguaFresh is not only much easier and quicker to use and clean, the cleaning result is as good as or better than the previous product. Another big advantage is that it does not have to be regularly replaced compared to the plastic models and will (hopefully) last a lifetime. In addition, it is extremely space-saving and can be easily stored and transported. All in all, a very good investment!

Thomas K. from Solingen

Hello Linguafresh team. Even though I was quite sceptical when I first started using your tongue cleaner, I am now a genuine fan of your product after just a few weeks. Recently on a holiday trip, I forgot my tongue cleaner and almost suffered from “withdrawal symptoms” afterwards. This is how much this small piece of metal has grown on me. My wellbeing and self-confidence have improved considerably through just knowing that I have a “completely clean” mouth, and I am much more open to the people around me. I laugh and smile much more than I used to and am perceived as likeable. Linguafresh largely contributed to this and I make no secret of it in my circle of friends and acquaintances. I can only recommend Linguafresh to each and every one.

Astrid H. from Straubing

I have been using the Linguafresh tongue cleaner for a few months now and I am amazed time and again what I remove from my tongue! My dentist also confirmed how important tongue cleaning is for oral hygiene in general. This aspect is still underestimated in this country.

Basti G. from Furth

I find the tongue cleaner super! It really helps again bad breath, at least that is what my girlfriend says ☺. I use it in the morning and evening and after a few days, my tongue feels much cleaner. Keep it up!

Gisela H. from Hanover

I use Linguafresh regularly and can only say: I don’t want to do without it anymore. It is not only effective and gives me confidence (especially when one is constantly in contact with people), it also looks pretty cool through its high-quality design. A fantastic product, my compliments. I will most certainly get another one for travelling so that I always have it with me wherever I am.

Marion N. from Nürnberg

I discovered Linguafresh via Wikipedia. For years now, I have been an active advocate of tongue cleaning. Rinsing my mouth with oil was sometimes unpleasant and impractical when travelling. Plastic tongue cleaners don’t particularly appeal to me for hygienic reasons. In contrast, I am already familiar with stainless steel from many applications in the food area. I am impressed with Linguafresh. You can clean the tongue in a jiffy without getting the urge to gag. You can even pack away this thin and narrow cleaner in a handbag. Thank you Wikipedia, thank you Linguafresh.

Ewald H. aus Hamburg

Hello dear Linguafresh team. To be honest, I dealt with the issue of tongue cleaning up to now simply by scrubbing my tongue with my toothbrush. A few weeks ago, some very nice neighbours explained the importance of professional tongue cleaning and recommended the Linguafresh tongue cleaner to me, which I immediately ordered. What shall I say ... I was totally impressed after using it the first time and could hardly believe what I got off my tongue although I had brushed it shortly before. Awesome! Since I have been using the Linguafresh tongue cleaner regularly, I notice my taste buds have become much more sensitive. As a wine drinker, I am now able to “experience” the genuine character of the wine much more intensely than before. Incredible! I would like to thank you for this fantastic product and wish you the best of luck in the future. Of course, I shall recommend Linguafresh to all my friends and acquaintances.

Roger C. from Bilerbeck

For 6 weeks now, I have been using the Linguafresh tongue cleaner. The unpretentious design in high-quality material coupled with high efficiency and a brilliantly simple application has completely convinced me. Not comparable with the unappetizing “scoops” of other manufacturers, whose application was always a great effort. I use the tongue cleaner daily and it only takes a few seconds until it is back in the toothbrush glass again clean and ready to go. You do not even have to hide it because it looks ugly, for example. Congratulations to the Linguafresh team for this great invention.


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