Nutrient residues accumulate on the tongue in the posterior region. This is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which cause bad mouth odor and can lead to disorders of the oral cavity.

A once-daily cleaning of your tongue with the tried and tested Linguafresh tongue cleaners improves your mouthflora sustainably. Your breath will become fresher and your sense of taste will also improve.

The tongue cleaner LinguaFreshSLIM consists of a bendable flat strip of hand-polished, burr-free stainless steel that is only 0.2 mm thick. It is 20 cm long and 8mm wide in the middle.

LinguaFreshONE was developed together with well-known specialists from the areas of periodontology and halitosis.


The consumer magazine has recently compared tongue cleaners.
LinugaFreshONE was awarded as a comparison winner with a grade of 1.3 and thus VERY GOOD.